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TThe Mental Health Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences is the leading scientific psychiatric institution in Russia. The development of important theoretical and practical issues of modern clinical and biological psychiatry is carried out in the Center. These problems embrace endogenous mental disorders (schizophrenia, depressions, etc.), borderline mental disorders, including somatogenic and psychosomatic ones, gerontopsychiatric pathology (Alzheimer's disease, mental disorders of late age), mental disorders in children (autism, schizophrenia with an onset in childhood, some forms of mental retardation). The Mental Health Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences also conducts research in connection with problems of mental health services.

The Centre is headed by the Board of Directors, the scientific part of which includes the Director, Deputy Director on Science, and a Scientific Secretary.

The Director of the Center is the Academician of RAS, Professor , Honored Scientist of Russia, Alexander Sergeevich Tiganov, one of the leading Russian scientists , widely known at homeland and abroad for his works in the field of psychiatry, psychopathology, psychopharmacology and postgraduate medical education. He is a member of the Bureau of the Department of clinical medicine RAS, a chairman of the Scientific council on mental health problems RAS, a member of the Presidium of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists, head of the psychiatry chair of the Russian medical academy of postgraduate education and he is a chief of the department for the study of endogenous mental disorders and affective states FGBU "MHRC" RAS. A.S. Tiganov is a chief psychiatrist of The Medical Center under the President of the Russian Federation. A.S.Tiganov - editor and organizer of the journal "Psychiatry ", a member of the editorial board of several other psychiatric journals . He edited two editions of "Handbook of Psychiatry " ( 2nd ed . , 1999, 3 - ed. 2012), which summarizes all of the latest achievements in the field of taxonomy, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment mental illness. He is the author of over 250 scientific works, 2 monographs, also he is the scientific director of 30 successfully defended master's and 8 doctoral theses. For the achieved success and a great contribution in the development of national mental health A.S.Tiganov awarded with the Medal of Honor. Academician A.S.Tiganov differs uncommon and multi-faceted public education, diversified interests and hobbies, going far beyond just professional, an outstanding general knowledge, intelligence, integrity and democratic style of leadership entrusted to him the staff and communicate with others , a great personal charm.

Deputy Director of the Centre for Scientific Research, Candidate of Medical Sciences Grigory Ivanovich Kopeyko

Deputy Director of the Centre for Development and Innovation, MD Vasiliy Glebovich Khaleda

The Deputy Director of the General Affairs Victor Yakovlevich Sarmanov

Scientific Secretary of the Center MD, professor Tatyana Pavlovna Klyushnik

Chief Doctor of Center's Clinic, Honored Physician of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Medical Science Olga Sergeevna Rumyantseva

During the past period the staff of the Center consists of 723 employees, 220 of whom are researchers with medical, biological, and psychological education; clinical physicians (psychiatrists and other professionals) -79. The Mental Health Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences is situated in Moscow. Its address is as follows:
34, Kashirskoye shosse
115522, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: 499 617 61 74
Fax: 499 614 49 25

The Center is a complex of buildings built and opened in 1982. Clinical departments of the Center and part of some laboratories directly connected with the service of patients are situated in these buildings.

Part of the Center subdivisions are also located in the Moscow Municipal Clinical Mental Hospitals N 1 and N 15.