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Department of graduate school and residency

Head - Candidate of Sciences Sosyukalo Olga Orestovna .
In 1988 O.O. Sosyukalo defended her dissertation "Mixed affective states in endogenous affective psychoses (clinical typology , dynamics and predictive value)." Candidate of Sciences Sosyukalo is interested in the questions of clinic, pathogenesis, prevention and courses of endogenous mental disorders and affective states (schizophrenia, schizoaffective and affective psychoses). Also she is interested in the optimization of pharmacotherapy. Sosyukalo O.O. is the author of several works in this field. She is the head of the department of graduate school and residency since 2010.
The department was established in 2009 to train highly qualified specialists for practical work in the institutions of public health, or in private practice on the basis of clinical residency in the specialty "psychiatry " and "medical psychology", and the training of highly qualified scientists on the basis of academic postgraduate studies, including general scientific training to obtain in-depth knowledge in a particular occupation and acquisition of skills of independent research.
The main directions of scientific and educational activities of the department:

  • The organization of lectures on general psychopathology and private psychiatry, which conducted by professors, leading researchers and highly qualified lecturers from MHRC of the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Postgraduate Education of RAS (APES).
  • Providing practical training and research activities in various scientific branches and clinic departments, including the study of borderline mental diseases and psychosomatic disorders , endogenous mental disorders and affective states , the juvenile and geriatric psychiatry , outpatient counseling , health psychology issues , and the study of the problems of child psychiatry under the guidance of leading clinicians of MHRC RAS.
  • Organization of seminars and conferences with the participation of leaders and leading academics of Laboratory departments, including direct acquaintance with their scientific and practical work.
  • Evaluation of the clinical and therapeutic training of the graduates, who have to get through trainings in clinical internship and an exam in the specialty subject. Students who successfully graduated have an opportunity to defend their dissertations on the research topic at the meeting of the Specialized Scientific Council on the dissertation defense at the MHRC RAS.