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Editorial board of “Psychiatry” Journal

Editor-in-chief, Tiganov Alexander Sergeevich, Scientific head of FSBSI “Mental Health Research Centre, Academician of RAS, Head of psychiatry chair, Russian Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education, Professor, MD, PhD, RF Honored Scientist, Moscow, RF; ResearcherID-B-6768-2016; Scopus Author ID: 6701444613; ORCID-0000-0003-0148-7538


Deputy Editor-in-chief, Mikhailova Natalya Mikhaylovna, the leading researcher of the department of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders of FSBI “Mental Health Research Centre”, PhD, Moscow, RF; ResearcherID:P-9061-2015; Scopus Author ID:7102882869; ORCID-0000-0003-0184-016X

 e-mail: mikhaylovanm@yandex.ru

Executive secretary, Abramova Lilia Ivanovna, the leading researcher of the department of endogenous mental disorders and affective states of FSBSI “Mental Health Research Centre”, PH.D., Moscow, RF.; ResearcherID:K-4665-2013; Scopus Author ID:7006286572; ORCID-0000-0003-4397-924X

e-mail: L abramova@rambler.ru

Members of Editorial board:

Bokhan Nikolay Aleksandrovich, Director FSBI “The Scientific Research Institute of Mental Health”, Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences, professor of psychotherapy chair and psychological consulting of Tomsk State University, Academic of RAS, professor, PhD, RF Honored Scientist, Tomsk, RF; Scopus Author ID: 6506895310


Brusov Oleg Sergeevich, Head of the laboratory of biochemistry of FSBSI “Mental Health Research Centre”, Candidate of biological sciences, Moscow, RF; ResearcherID:E-2407-2016; Scopus Author ID: 7004450387; ORCID- 0000-0003-1269-679X

Gavrilova Svetlana Ivanovna, Head of the department of geriatric psychiatry of FSBI “Mental Health Research Centre”, PhD, Professor, Moscow, RF; ResearcherID:B-4548-2016; Scopus Author ID: 7004829216; ORCID- 0000-0001-6683-0240


Enikolopov Sergey Nikolayevich, Head of the department of medical psychology of FSBSI “Mental Health Research Centre”, candidate of psychological sciences, Moscow; RF ResearcherID: C-2922-2016; Scopus Author ID - 6507240993;ORCID- 0000-0002-7899-424X


Zaitsev Oleg Semyonovich, Head of the group of psychiatric studies of Academican N.N. Burdenko Scientific Research Institute of Neurosurgery, PhD, Moscow; RF; Scopus Author ID – 7003604606


Ivanov Mikhail Vladimirovich – Head of department of biological therapy of the mentally ill, FSBI “Bekhterev St. Petersburg Psychoneurological Research Institute”, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, PhD, St. Petersburg, RF; Scopus Author ID: 55415201900


Iznak Andrey Fyodorovich, Head of the laboratory of neurophysiology of FSBSI “Mental Health Research Centre”, Ph.D., Professor, Moscow, RF; ResearcherID: C-1016-2016; Scopus Author ID – 35619227300; ORCID- 0000-0003-3687-4319


Kalinin Vladimir Veniaminovich, Head of the department of exogenous-organic disorders and epilepsy of Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Psychiatry – the branch of FSBSI Federal Medical Research Center of psychiatry and narcology of Russian Ministry of Health, Professor, PhD, Moscow; RF; ResearcherID:C -6184-2013; Scopus Author ID - 8305171100

Karpov Alexander Sergeevich, deputy chief of organization of state control of the quality of medical-social assistance to the population, Federal service of Inspectorate in the sphere of public health and social development, PhD, Moscow; RF; Scopus Author ID: 7102768571 RSS в регистрации 6603001567

Kicha Dmitriy Ivanovich – Professor of chair of public health, health protection, and hygiene of the medical institute of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Head of chair of health protection organization, drugs provision, medical technologies, and hygiene of faculty of advanced training of medical staff of RUDN medical institute. Director of “University Clinic” “RUDN-NIARMEDIC”, PhD, professor, Moscow, RF; Scopus Author ID - 6603001567

Klyushnik Tatyana Pavlovna, Director of FSBSI “Mental Health Research Centre”, PhD, Professor, Moscowm, RF; ResearcherID: B-8012-2016; Scopus Author ID – 6603398307; ORCID- 0000-0001-5148-3864


Kopeyko Grigiriy Ivanovich, deputy director for research of FSBSI “Mental Health Research Centre”, candidate of medical sciences, Moscow, RF; ResearcherID:M-2029-2013; Scopus Author ID – 6603398307; ORCID- 0000-0002-8580-9890


Kostyuk Georgiy Petrovich – Head physician of Moscow State Budgetary Institution of Health Protection “N.A. Alekseyev Mental clinical hospital N 1 of Department of health protection of Moscow”, main specialist-psychiatrist of Department of Health Protection of Moscow, Member of Social Chamber of the Russian Federation, PhD, “professor at the chair of psychiatry” VMedA, Moscow, RF; Scopus Author ID: 23988987000

Mazayeva Nataliya Alexandrovna, Head of the department of problems of adolescent psychiatry of FSBSI “Mental Health Research Centre”, Professor, PhD, Moscow, RF; ResearcherID: B-3751-2016;Scopus Author ID – 6603689078;ORCID- 0000-0002-4791-3881


Makushkin Yevgeniy Vadimovich – Deputy director general for research, FSBI “V.P. Serbskiy Federal medical research centre of psychiatry and narcology” of Russian Ministry of health, PhD, Professor, Moscow, RF, chief non-staff children’s specialist psychiatrist of Russian Ministry of Health, PhD, Professor,Moscow, RF; ResearcherID: P-6827-2015; ORCID- 0000-0002-1937-5908; Scopus Author ID: 12647068700.


Morozova Margarita Alekseyevna, Head of the laboratory of psychopharmacology of FSBSI “Mental Health Research Centre”, PhD, Moscow; RF; ResearcherID: D-9098-2015; Scopus Author ID – 7006920838;ORCID- 0000-0002-7847-2716


Neznanov Nikolay Grigoryevich, Director of Bekhterev St. Petersburg Psychoneurological Research Institute, President of World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP), President of Russian Society of Psychiatrists, Chief out-of-staff expert in psychiatry of Roszdravnadzor, Head of psychiatry and narcology chair, Pavlov St.Petersburg State Medical University, Professor, PH.D., St.Petersburg RF; Scopus Author ID – 35593613200